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My Home Server Setup

I talk a lot about concepts and theories on this blog, but it's rare that I talk about the way I do things.  In order to provide some insight into my life and so that you can understand my perspective before assuming anything about me, let me discuss a little about my home coding environment.

Windows Server 2012
At home I use Windows Server 2012 for my hosting.  Years ago I hosted on Windows 7 with IIS and even had an ubuntu server for a while.  I use Server 2012 because it's the latest and greatest from Microsoft and it keeps my skills up to date and my resume fresh.  I also use it because it's based on Windows 8, so it works well with touch-screens.  It makes it easy for me to remote in from my phone or tablet and not have to worry about a mouse or keyboard.
Virtual Box
I need Virtual Machines.  Whether it's for testing, or for hosting services that just don't host well on Windows.  I use Virtual Box for all my virtual machines mostly because it's free and I ne…