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The UX Problem

Today I'd like to talk about a serious problem with internal applications.

The sad truth is that it's much worse than this.  That app is an extremely lightweight version of how these things really turn out.  I am by no means a UI/UX guy, but I can tell you that while 90% of the time, the developers blame the politics and the users for this horrifying result, the reality is that this is the developer's fault.  The devs have to fix it later anyway, so it really does fall on the developer to get rid of this convoluted crap and make it work right.  I've been building one such application recently, and I'm planning to rewrite it now that it's a horrifying mess of spaghetti code.  So in preparing for my rewrite I've started laying down some ground rules.  And I think I might not be the only one to benefit from them.  So I'm sharing them with the internet for all to see.

Rule 1: Don't display information the user isn't using. This may sound so simple, …