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I was stuck at the airport for 14 hours

What follows is an email I sent to James Crites, the VP of Operations at Dallas Fort Worth airport.  If it seems stupid or cranky, please note that I wrote it when I was both stressed out and sleep know, about half an hour ago.

I believe that problems this severe should make their way to the top, so I'm notifying you personally.

Let me preface this by telling you that what I experienced is commonplace.  It is so common that one of  the customer service managers said that he called his wife to tell her he wouldn't be home hours before the incident occurred because he knew it would happen.  Additionally, another person among the group waiting established that she had encountered this exact same scenario at DFW only 5 days earlier.  Naturally, she blamed the airport.
First, the airline screwed up.  They under-staffed themselves, and when inclement weather hit DFW airport, they were unable to retain enough pilots to get their flights out on time.  Following that, the…

Scrum/Agile and Doing it Right

TL;DR: Here are some things you can do to implement scrum more effectively around your workplace. 1. Explain it to your customers
   1a. Communication comes from your side to the customers, not the other way around
   1b: Code is still a process, and adding and removing features is not a simple task
   1c: Sprints are often enough communication
2. Sell it to your developers
   2a. Explain the good and the bad to them
   2b. Get them to like the idea before you move forward
3. Help your developers build a new workflow
Disclaimer: Let me start by saying that I am not some Scrum Trainer.  I am a developer who's been working with scrum for years.  I don't teach new teams how to do scrum, unless it happens to be my team ask for my guidance.  But I've worked at 6 different organizations who implement Scrum in one form or another, and so I have experience on my side.

Scrum is a hard transition.  It sounds easy, but I've yet to see a company get it together and follow all the (…