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What is Programming?

I was thinking about what I'd talk about if I ever gave a presentation at a conference and then I thought: "Hey, that's what blogs are for."  So here's the basics of what I'd talk about.
What is Programming? A lot of people get into programming without really ever asking this question.  Honestly, most people just assume I'm some sort of computer version of a magician, or worse, a computer version of a factory worker.  I like to think of myself as a techno-mage, but to each his own I suppose.
The sad truth is that I've met programmers who couldn't correctly answer this simple question.  I've met people who've been programming for decades who couldn't answer it.  That disturbs me a little.  I mean, sure, it's not like the people you would explain it to would care anyway.  To them you're often just tech support.  But it matters to me.  When I meet another programmer who can't give me the correct answer to this question, it tel…