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Stop Forum Spam

For years, I've used to find and prevent spammers from signing up for my web forums.  I love the tool, and have almost a gigabyte of stored usernames, emails, and ip addresses in my personal download of their database stored over the years.  Needless to say, I'm a huge fan.

So I made an API for it
Introducing stopforumspam, a nodejs wrapper for the REST API.  I'm really happy to have made it, and I plan to use it myself very soon.

Just do it MoreOn!

A few weeks ago, I wanted to start a robotics project that would require close monitoring and realized...I didn't have any decent monitoring tools on my network.  So I looked around at the monitoring tool ecosystem, and the only halfway decent tool was Nagios.  I wanted something that would sit on my existing stack (with MongoDB as a backend) and wouldn't have to run on the servers it was monitoring.  Moreover, I needed it to be able to run on a Raspberrry Pi.  So I built it myself.
Introducing MoreOn MoreOn is a tool for Monitoring Remotely Over your Network.  It uses SSH to tunnel into any server it can connect to and execute a command at a configurable interval.  It runs on the MEANstack, making it super lightweight, and it has a fully functional REST API to access the data programmatically.
It installs easily too, letting you run it on any computer with NodeJS and MongoDB.  This means you can spin it up on your computer just to check on data on your servers, or host it som…