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The construction parable

I talk a lot about testing on this site. Part of that’s because I don’t know what I’m doing all the time, and part of it’s because I’m an egotistical developer and getting things right is important to me. The problem here is that tests aren’t what I want. They’re an attempt at a solution to a bigger problem. So this post is about that much bigger problem.Metrics suckLet me start by pointing out that there are 0 good metrics in this industry. If you built sometoolthatdoesmetrics, you might not like hearing it, but it’s completely true. Part of it is our fault, and part of it is a general lack of education. Here’s how this works in another industry where we build things.The construction parableSay you hire a construction contractor to build your home. You’re a savvy buyer and you shop around, so you get a really good deal. Along the way you notice that buying the most expensive contractor costs 3 times as much as you’re paying and you wonder how he gets any business at all. Th…