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Gaming is essential

I have written a lot about programming tricks and managing programmers here, but when I talk to people looking to learn programming there's some things I always emphasize to them.  The first of which is that programming is hard.
You're using all of your brain
In a world where nuclear physics and rocketry are discussed to lighten the mood, it should be obvious (but it isn't) that your brain is being pushed to it's limit.  I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating that there are programmers who have gone crazy.  Your brain simply isn't designed to think this way 100% of the time.
You need to relax
That's why I always talk about finding ways to relax.  I tell programmers who work for me to get away from their computer during lunch.  If they're exhausted, I tell them to go take a nap.  I do it myself sometimes.  It's not a weakness.  Most of what we do is not on a keyboard but in our head, and your head doesn't turn off when you sleep, it def…