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Software Development Environments

Over my years in software development, the one topic that comes up a lot and is often ignored is environments. So here, based purely on anecdotal evidence, is what I know about software environments.There are seven environmentsI know about seven environments that software can run in. Are all seven necessary? Probably not. In some cases they even serve similar purposes. The truth is, you only ever need ONE environment. The others serve the purpose of improving the one. That one? Production.ProductionBetaStagingQuality Assurance (QA)TestDevelopmentLocalProductionProduction is the one and only environment that matters. Production is where your code sits when people are interacting with it. Whether production is a webserver, or a distribution channel where people download and install your application locally. What matters is, your production code is the code that people rely on, bug report on, and request features on.BetaBeta is a form of production. A beta environment is the e…