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Nerd Culture & Non-technical Users

So I'm a bit put off. Here's an article that the arduino community thinks is fantastic.  I agree with some of his points, but he links to this article.  And that article is full of itself.

Let's start with the biggest invalid point in the original article "Nerd Culture Must Die".   He complains about inequality in programming as a profession.  He doesn't mention that same inequality in other professions (like healthcare where women are nearly 80% of the industry) or even that the inequality may be more associated with an overall inequality in the engineering industry where there have always been fewer women.  Perhaps it's a cultural issue, where boys are given electronics and girls are given dolls as children.  To leap to the conclusion that it is my fault as a "nerd" is inconsiderate of the massive effort I make every day to encourage the spread of knowledge.

But then there's Jessica.  That article made me very angry.  It's not that it…