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You don't know what you don't know

I've been programming since I was little.  I'm not just someone who wrote some code once when I was 15.  I code all the time because I enjoy it.  This industry is both very deep and very wide.  The ocean of available knowledge is what attracts me to it.  I bore easily, and the idea that I can always be learning something new is extremely appealing.  But, though it may change, at this point in time, I'm the exception, not the rule.Not every programmer started as a kid.  Not every programmer does in for the sake of programming.  Most do it for the ego trip, or worse, the money.  But having the level of passion that I have for programming is something to be proud of.  That means that many people who do this job for other reasons--well, they fake it.But it's complicatedLike I said, the industry is a vast ocean of information.  This means that the tiniest amount of knowledge in an obscure enough area (it doesn't even have to be that deep) can give a person the appearanc…

Moar Dependencies!

I write a lot of code. I go to work and I code. I come home and I code. I code for charities in my freetime. I code for custom electronics when I’m bored. I code video game playing programs when I need a break from, you know, coding.The thing is, because I code for a living, not everything I write can be open sourced. And a lot of it might have private information in it that I don’t want to publish to the public. I like to give back to the community. I sometimes donate to open source projects. I pay for the software I use. And occasionally, I manage to give away some code to the open source community.Code is hardI get it. Believe me. Code is hard to write, and even harder to read. People are afraid of being judged because programmers (and I include myself for sure) are jerks. And worse than a bunch of people saying nasty things about your project is the prospect that no one may ever care to even look at it. Ever.But I gotta codeI don’t care. I’m going to code anyway, a…